The Noctuinad Wiki

Noctuina is the world that all of V. M. Jaskiernia's stories take place.

It consists of 256 magical realms, and 128 known planes of existence (with their own realms).

The Realms of Cardinalis

The plane of Cardinalis is the nexus of all other planes. It is split into 256 realms, where unique magic, bestia, and people, live.

  • Clandestina: The main setting of The Courting of Life and Death series

The Asteres Planes

The Asteres Planes are all other planes of existence that are 'above' and connect to Cardinalis. They may only have points of connection to certain realms, or to all of the realms, in either equal or varying strengths. The planets and moons of the sky, along with the suns, represent the different planes, but are not connected physically. They contain realms as well, mirrors in terms of physical landscape to the realms of Cardinalis they touch, but rearranged.