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Books 1 - 5 of The Courting of Life and Death. Despite being called a quartet the set contains five books, as Larkspur was turned into a 'prequel novella' and marked as vol. 0 to allow the story four full novels to bloom.

Larkspur, or A Necromancer's Romance

Vol. 0 of The Larkspur Quartet, Book 1 in The Courting of Life and Death.

A short novelette that began the series. Jaskiernia originally intended for the books to be a serial, writing shorter pieces but releasing them quickly. As that fell through, and the books became actual novels with a longer wait time between releases, the first story stood out as short. It was changed to Vol. 0, but still Book 1 of The Courting of Life and Death, and made free so it would be an intro.

Pierre has returned to castle after graduating university. His 24th birthday had been a week prior, but a party was organized for his arrival at the castle. He meets up with Elizabeth, an old childhood friend, and they reconnect. They had not seen in each other in the four years that Pierre was away, though they sent letters to each other.

Delphinium, or A Necromancer's Home

Vol. 1 of The Larkspur Quartet, Book 2 in The Courting of Life and Death.

The first novel of the series, it was supposed to be a 30K novella to work with the idea that the series would be a serial. Shortly after, though, the plot grew and even with cutting a few arcs (that were moved to Aconitella), it became a 127K epic.

Pierre and Elizabeth are going to spend the summer in Spadille together.

Aconitella, or A Necromancer's Wife

Consolida, or A Necromancer’s Love

Regalis, or A Necromancer's Blood